Caledonia is fantastic! They build a great home and on top of that really care. They are patient and honest which is great! We got our home inspected by a third-party inspector and he was amazed by the quality of the builder! I really recommend them for quality! Plus the design center is pretty amazing! Lots of choices.

                                                                                         - Kelsee D. 




This is the third builder home I've built from dirt. The sales process with Rich was seedless. Once contracts signed it was off to the design center where we customized the home. Caledonia gives customers higher quality items standard. We didn't have to upgrade cabinets or countertop most of our design $ were on flooring and hardware upgrades. Jared the Construction Manager could not have been more responsive to my questions during construction. Construction took a bit longer than planned due to weather but we've been in 8 weeks and love our new Caledonia home.


                                                                                        - Gregg W.    



I cannot say enough wonderful things about this builder. They are incredible. Not only do they let you make any customizations we could possibly dream of to our floor plan at incredibly fair prices, they follow all of it up with the best service. Rich was incredible to work with in Sales and made sure we had all of the information needed to pick out our lot and floor plan. He also exceeded all of my wildest expectations in the service department. After seeing a few of the other options other Caledonia had, we asked for a few changes after construction began and Rich went to bat for us to ensure we were able to make the changes we wanted. Cassidy in the design center was a pleasure to work with and made sure we had all of the options we wanted (even if they weren't technically offered). She got us pricing on everything we wanted and made it happen. Our Construction Manager, Nathan, made sure everything went off without a hitch. Brian, the Purchasing Director, also made sure that all of our customer options were taken care of and truly went above and beyond. They even have a Buyer Experience Manager, Dahnya, who makes sure you're always in the loop. If you are lookin for a builder that genuinely goes above and beyond for their customers - don't go anywhere else. You will not find more value for your money than with Caledonia Builders. 

                                                                                         -  Kiva C.




Everyone should run not walk, but run to this builder. We were first time new home buyers when we moved to Texas. We settled on an area to live, Bastrop County and were looking at several builders. We looked at Caledonia and saw what they had to offer. We then looked at the other builders on site, and saw that what Caledonia offered as standard features, the other builders considered "upgrades", and charged more for them. An example we got a 3 car garage, where the other builders charged for that upgrade. Also some builders charged a premium for EVERY lot they sold. Caledonia does charge a premium for some lots, but not all, we got a little over an acre with NO premium!!! Way cool!!!!


Now for the staff of Caledonia. I almost hesitate to do this because I'm sure to miss someone and this is not intentional at all!!!


Our sales person, Rich Daugherty, could not have been more professional, friendly, and courteous. He answered all of our questions. He went out of his way to make sure we had all the information that we needed during our initial purchase and throughout the building process. He promptly directed our questions to the correct folks if that instance arose. If issues popped up, which they all do, he would call and we would discuss what options were available to us. He was always there if we needed to get informed about something. The communication was always there, clear and concise. We have absolute respect and trust in Rich, not only then but to this day and I'm sure beyond.


The folks at the design center had to be some of the most helful people around. They answered all of our questions we had about the different options we were choosing. The choices were simply amazing. The people, I hate to sound like a broken record, but professional, friendly, informative, and courteous. Again, there was clear lines of communication with them. Although our time with them was brief, we did not feel hurried or pressured to make one decision over another they were absolutely impressive.


Our site manager Jared Bays. We were out visiting our build at least twice a week. Jared was able to be there at least one time during that week and sometimes both times that we visited. Jared, like the rest of the Caledonia build staff, was always professional, courteous and friendly. If he did not have the answers to our specific questions about the build, he would find out and let us know. Generally that would be the same day. Because of our frequent interaction with Jared it felt like he was part of our family. He had/has our absolute trust and respect. When he told us he would do something he would absolutely do it. When we asked him to do something that he was able to do, we had absolute faith and he would come through and he did. His line of communication with us was on par like Rich and the design team, it was always open. There were many calls, emails, and texts that we would always respond to. We never had any doubts about the builder we had chosen.


Jared, Rich and the design team were always responsive to our needs and requests. We were always able to reach out to them and get some sort of response. We would not hesitate in any way shape or form to buy another house from them. To us, they personify Caledonia Builders. They are true representatives of the professionalism of the company, and we can't thank them enough for how well we were treated and how well they've responded to us. Thank you so much,,,,,,,,,,,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - D. E.



We absolutely love our Caledonia home! They were extremely easy to work with and let us customize the house to our specifications. They were willing to modify the floorplan and give my husband the appliances he wanted in the kitchen (he loves to cook). The upgraded spa bathroom is heavenly and our outdoor kitchen is amazing. They have a beautiful and vast selection of options to choose from at the design center. If we ever build another home in the Austin area, we will be building it with Caledonia. We highly recommend them!

                                                                                 - Shelly F.



In all my years of real estate, Caledonia Builders took greater care of my clients than any other home builder. They were patient, answered all of our questions and made them feel comfortable with the process of buying a new construction property. Not to mention they continue to produce beautiful, structurally sound homes.

                                                                                   - Dan S.



Great company to work with. Very responsive to all questions and concerns. Very high quality homes that are beautiful. Highly recommend!

                                                                                    - Dustin Y.



Caledonia Builders are AMAZING. they are the builder you've never heard of that everyone should know. I mean seriously, working with Caledonia has been a pleasure, especially with COVID. Building a home is already stressful enough without a pandemic. And, as a first time home builder with NO real estate agent, let me say that again, NO real estate agent/first time home buyer, I just can't say enough about them. The whole team from the Owner, to the Construction Manager Jared Bays, to the Sales Rep Rich Daugherty, to the Design Team, they really know and care about their customers. They do business the right way putting the customer needs first. 

We signed our contract Feb. 7th right before all of COVID started and loved the no-nonsense approach from the sales rep, Rich. No games, no bs, just straight to the point and really knowledgeable about the homes. You could tell right away he wasn't just someone who worked for builder rather someone who believed in the quality of home they were building and making a difference in people with each home they built. Not gonna lie, we thought about pulling out several times with the uncertainty but so glad we didn't and stuck with it because for the price/ location/ and house, I doubt we'd get that opportunity again.

I really have to give a special shout out to Jared Bays the Director of Construction. That guy is phenomenal. I mean every concern, every issue listed in our own independent third party pre-wall and final inspection addressed/fixed without hesitation. Any concern with the work being performed, I mean literally anything, he was on top of it. I could text, call, it didn't matter he would answer. Not only that, he never made us feel like we encumbering, no matter how dumb or uninformed our questions/concerns were. This is in addition to the ridiculous amount of knowledge, experience and information he provided, uncanny. From the first time we met him, we felt like we were in good hands, and trust me when I tell you, that is a great feeling to have when building a home with someone.

So yes, it might sounds too good to be true or like maybe I'm blowing smoke, but I'm being 100 percent honest when I tell you I don't believe I could have picked a better builder. The bottom line is, building a home is stressful period so I'm not trying to sound like everything was just cake, but after hearing some of the horror stroried about other builders from friends and realtors, we are extremely grateful for our builder.

I haven't even mentioned how beautiful our home is. How in love we are with it!!!!!! Forget the service the product is superior with their custom flexibility and standard features that all other builders charge for. Seriously, we have the best looking home on the block. Thanks Caledonia!!!

                                                                               - Amadeo D.


What can I say about Caledonia Builders, well first and foremost I'm writing this review from my office (4th bedroom) in my forever home. After being in a 1 bedroom apartment for over 5 years; 6 years when I closed on my home; I decided that it was time to live in a house again. I went the traditional route and looked at all the big named builders and saw every single cookie-cutter model home in the Austin/Pflugerville/Round Rock/Georgetown/Hutto area. So on a Saturday I decied to have my brother go with me to look at all the cookie-cutter homes one last time to decide on which one I should get. Low and behold he sees a sign that I had missed for Caledonia Homes. So after a long day of looking we went in and looked at one last house. That was when I met Rich D. the sales manager for Caledonia Builders. My first impression was that he was a very professional person and no nonsense type of person. We spoke about the different homes that Caledonia had and I decided to look at the McKenzie model home. First thing was the awe when I went in the beautiful front door. What an amazing view. The height of the ceiling, the extra wide entrance and hallways. I knew then and there before going 10 feet in the front door I had found the builder of my forever home. The more I looked around the more I fell in love with the McKenzie house. Not only did I like it my brother was wanting to get one for himself now that he and his wife are empty nesters. We both where absolutely blown away by the quality, room and size of the rooms and all walk-in closets. The huge default back porch (nicely extended by the way) is amazing. After a short decision process, may have been hours instead of days, I decided I had to have a Caledonia home. So I took the plunge, met with Rich and signed the paperwork to buy my forever home. RIch went through all the option plans, how the entire process works as I have never had a house built. I was excited about the entire building process. What a very wonderful day that was for me. Then the fun started, the SOLD sign went up on a plot of land I selected and started taking my pictures of the entire building process (FYI, back up your photos from your phone - hint hint. Once things got going I got to meet the building Manager Jared B. Was very impressed on his knowledge, experience and friendliness to answer any questions and/or concerns I had for the buidling process. I have to admit, he has been very very helpful and patient in answering each and every question I had. Like yes, construciton sites are dirty, you can't eat off the floor every day because they are still building the house; it will be dirty. He must have thought I am a clean freak. Maybe I am. LOL. I can't express how happy I am that Jared was the one in charge with building my house. His professionalism is bar none. If something wasn't right he got it fixed/resolved quickly and professionally. I am very happy and delighted to highly recommend anyone considering building a new home to consider Caledonia Builders. You will get your typical cookie cutter home that you pick a model and what they give you mentality options. Like changing the master bathroom to not have a larget tub taking up space. If you have some ideas of something you want to do in your home, call/text Jared or Rich and they accomaodate your as best they can. Do during the design phase so you can get it done. Did for me and I thank them both.

                                                                                 - George B.

*These are third party testimonials by our customers through YELP and GOOGLE. 

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